Roll-Your-Own Tobacco and Smoking Accessories in Westland, Michigan

Visit our smoke shop in Westland, Michigan, for the largest selection of roll-your-own tobacco and smoking accessories around. At Metro Smokers Shop, we pride ourselves in an extensive line of products and a knowledgeable, helpful staff.

Hookah, Smoking Accessories in Westland, MI

Cigarette, Smoking Accessories in Westland, MI

Roll-Your-Own Tobacco
A full line of roll-your-own tobacco products is at your fingertips. A variety of manual and electric rolling machines is always in stock at guaranteed low prices. If we do not have your favorite brand, special ordering is always available upon request.

Smoking Accessories:

• Hookahs
• Hookah Accessories
• Shisha Tobacco
• Shampoos
• Non-Tobacco
• Steam Stones
• Incense Sticks (Large
  and Small)
• Oils and Burners
• Smoke Exterminator
• Test Kits
• Cones
• Detox and Synthetic
• Oral Cleans

In addition to these smoking accessories, we offer a selection of different vaporizers. You can look through our selection of portable and table-top vaporizers, as well as the new pen style for e-liquids, oils, and herbals. All glass at our shop is from premium local and national artists.

We Carry:
• daVinci
• Stealthy
• Atmos Raw
• 710 Pen
• Solo
• Vaporite
• Magic Flight
• Vap Genie


Contact us today in Westland, Michigan, to request more information about our smoking accessories.